Ring Light QRL_RS38120

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Bar Light QBL Series is a Bar-shaped lighting using high intensity LEDs mounted on a flat board. The QBL features high-density arrays using high-intensity LEDs to create optimum oblique lighting conditions. Reflections can be controlled by a default diffusion plate (excluding UV). Usable as high intensity surface lighting.

Illumination Structure:
LEDs are arranged at a high-density on a single flat circuit board and the object can be illuminated from any angle desired. Suitable mounting brackets (15 mm width) are available.

Major Applications:
This is for Crack/exterior inspection of molding, Trimming/ forming inspection of IC lead, Exterior inspection of connector and Character inspection of chip part.

Models Outer diameter(mm) Inner diameter (mm) Height(mm) Color(x) Power
QRL_RS3070_x Ø70 Ø30 20 R, G, B, W 24VDC
QRL_RS3880_x Ø80 Ø38 27 R, G, B, W 24VDC
QRL_RS38120_x Ø120 Ø38 27 R, G, B, W 24VDC
QRL_RS38150_x Ø150 Ø38 27 R, G, B, W 24VDC
QRL_RS4590_x Ø90 Ø45 27 R, G, B, W 24VDC
QRL_RS45120_x Ø120 Ø45 27 R, G, B, W 24VDC
QRL_RS45150_x Ø150 Ø45 27 R, G, B, W 24VDC

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